100% of Clients from


All of our clients are referred.  We pride ourselves on building customized retained talent solutions that provide best-in-class services effecting lasting change for our clients. Partnering with us is a truly collaborative experience.  We will over deliver on your needs.  

Solely Focused on Tech Companies

We have hired (not sourced) over 3000 technology professionals on the East Coast. Each partner has over 15 years experience in Talent Acquisition and Human Resources focused on the technology industry. 

Limited Number of


We don’t want a huge number of customers, that’s not our model. What we want, and have achieved, are a select group of very satisfied business partners that would be happy to provide you with their testimonials or contact information. 

Why We’re Different


We keep the search and selection process as straightforward and flexible as possible, ensuring your experience with Shilling & Rott is transparent from start to finish, and customized to your unique company’s needs.

Client Support & Training

Through our years of experience in, we have developed exceptional ability in assisting executives and hiring managers with talent acquisition skills.  We look forward to creating a custom program for you.  Just ask.

Engaged Services

We are committed to getting to know you and your company.  Our annual term contract allows us to provide more focus on your specific needs while dedicating time to know your business as a true partner.