Shilling & Rott

A Unique Talent Service Provider

Shilling & Rott was created to bring a new level of services to growing technology companies. After 20 years of working at the corporate level with traditional search firms, we became frustrated with the quality of services delivered, usually associated with a high cost per placement.  S & R is committed to delivering a bold new approach to talent acquisition.

Our innovative service commitment will change how talent acquisition firms are measured. The antiquated fee per placement does not solve the needs of today’s growing technology companies.  We’ve built a model that sets us clearly apart.  S&R delivers talent acquisition, competitive analysis, and training throughout the year while reducing your cost per hire by more than 30%.  We also provide stealth talent monitoring to help you maintain your key talent. We believe this feature is an industry first.

Shilling & Rott offers a full range of services included in our engaged program:

·       Talent acquisition consultation

·       Target market and competitive company talent reports

·       Customized talent monitoring of your company and industry competitors

·       Executive/Hiring manager training

Our consultants are experts in the technology market: it's all we do.  We have been pursuing tech talent for over 15 years.  Our experience, research, and extensive active network give us access to the game changing talent you need.

To get your business to the next level you need more than the quick fix offered by traditional firms, one time placements are not a solution.  You need a strategy that is based on your current needs and future plans – Shilling & Rott are your partners in the process.

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